Friday April 6

  • The International Conference on Veterans Health Care offers a three-day program.

Day 3 - Friday April 6: Innovations

On the third day of the conference it is all about innovations. What is new in veterans mental health and PTSD? Where can we see breakthroughs? Is it in technology or in the introduction of service dogs, what are novel  approaches in psychotherapy or for instance in big data? A ‘carrousel of pitches’ will provide an easy access to capturing the latest novel research themes, interesting new tools and instruments as well as new topics that are currently being investigated.


Chairman of the day: Prof. Col Eric Vermetten, MD, PhD
09.00  Reception
09.30  Prof. Col Eric Vermetten, MD, PhD - Welcome

 Carousel of short presentations of innovations in veteran health care


 Karlijn Schöls, MSc 

  • Walk and talk: an innovative framework for psychotherapy, 

          for veterans with PTSD

 Sanne van der Wal 

  • A ten year longitudinal follow study in ISAF vetrans

 Mayaris Zepeda Méndez, MSc

  • High intensive trauma treatment for veterans with PTSD

 Eric Versleijen

  •  Veterans portal: pilot for digital office towards care

 Tijmen Bostoen, MD

  • Psycholytic psychotherapy for veterans with severe PTSD

 Olaf Binsch, Phd

  • Road to mental readiness; a digital road to resilience

 Manon Boeschoten 

  • Improved prediction of treatment outcome using multi-domain measurements

‚Äč Joris Haagen, PhD

  • An ecological view of veterans health

 Emmy van Houtert, MSc

  • Assistance dogs: a new intervention tool for veterans

 Jolanda Snijders, MSc

  • Health assessment after deployment

 Victor Kallen, PhD

  • Leveraging technology: novel wearable devices

 Marco Rozendaal, PhD

  • Objects with intent: wearable technology for increased body awareness
10.40  Break

 Carousel of short presentations of

 innovations in veteran health care









 Adjan van Andel

  • RE-liON Black Suits: the number one stimulation system,

          for interactive training

 Capt. Ewout van Dort

  • Project ERIC: Exposure based Rehabilitation in Immersive Contexts

 Olaf Binsch, PhD

  • Augmenting military performance through resilience enhancement

 Jackie June Ter Heide, PhD

  • Moral injury: a new hype or treatable disorder?

 Fenne Smits, MSc

  • Non-invasive brain stimulation in veterans with PTSD,

          anxiety and aggression disorders

 Vera de Boer, MD

  • Functional rehabilitation in veterans with complex disorders

 Jacco Duel, PhD

  • Goodbye and good luck? From soldier to civilian...

 Thijs van Dongen, MD, PhD

  • Battlefield casualties: surgical lessons learned from wounded warriors

 Col. Jeroen Hulst

  • Invictus: games for wounded warriors

 Erik ten Berge

  • Unit victor: a digital app for veterans

 Dick Schijven, MSc

  • PRISMO genetics: genetic base of PTSS

Prof. Bernard Veldkamp, PhD

  • How are you: the use of texts as diagnostic tool for PTSD 

Elisa van Ee, PhD

  • Families in the frontline 







 Col Berend Berendsen, MD & Prof. Col Eric Vermetten, MD, PhD 

  • Closing remarks
12.15  Dance expression
12.45  Lunch
13.30  End of the conference

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